Conservation Fee

Helping Save Our Salmon

Orca Spirit Adventures began collaborating with the Pacific Salmon Foundation (PSF) in 2015 to proactively protect our coastal marine habitat. Since then, all our guests contribute a $2 per person a wildlife conservation fee – 100% of which Orca Spirit donates towards PSF’s programs for restoration of salmon in the Salish Sea.

Since 2015, Orca Spirit and our guests from around the world have contributed over $104,000 towards restoring salmon in the Salish Sea.

The Pacific Salmon Foundation

The Pacific Salmon Foundation operates Salmon Conservation projects all along the BC coast. With over 150 scientists and technical staff from more than 40 federal and state agencies, First Nations, universities, industry and non-profit organizations from the United States and Canada, PSF works to rebuild the population of wild pacific salmon, promote sustainable fisheries, and create a foundation for long-term monitoring of the Salish Sea and salmon health. The Foundation also funds grassroots community-led projects, as well as larger-scale restoration and research projects such as the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project. This project is intended to increase the population of wild Coho and Chinook (a favourite food source for the Southern Resident Killer Whale community) in the Salish Sea.

Learn more about the Salish Sea Marine Survival Project here.


More Involvement

Our Commitment to Responsible EcoTourism

We protect and preserve our spectacular natural surrounding by actively practicing the principles of eco-tourism and sustainability.

Supporting Research & Conservation

It’s our duty to take a leadership role in supporting the research and conservation of transient and resident whale communities.

Responsible Whale Watching Practices

Right from the beginning, we’ve followed the viewing, vessel operation and radio etiquette guidelines for responsible whale watching.

Leaders in responsible Eco-Tourism

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