green partners


Orca Spirit Adventures continually looks for new ways to protect and preserve our spectacular natural surrounding, by further reducing our carbon footprint, expanding our green initiatives with improved waste management, and sourcing from local and sustainable suppliers whenever possible.

As a Climate Friendly Company, we would like to acknowledge our like-minded Industry partners who are also working to create a greener community.

Harbour Air Seaplanes

North America’s first carbon Neutral Airline! All flight services include a carbon offset surcharge that is used to mitigate the environmental impact of the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG’s) associated with flight. Flying with Harbour Air is an efficient way to travel. They are committed to further reducing their environmental impact and continues to purchase high-quality offsets for those emissions they cannot eliminate. Not only is your flight carbon neutral, but so is everything else they do. Harbour Air is the only airline in North America that measures, reduces and offesets 100% of corporate emissions. This includes all aspects of our operations including:

  • Heating, cooling and lighting at all facilities
  • Ground transportation services
  • Employee business travel and commuting to work
  • Paper and commercial printing
Inn at Laurel Point

Environmental stewardship has always been as much a part of Laurel Point’s culture as their stunning locale. They consider their impact when making even the smallest decisions. The Laurel Point green team, complete with their green queen, focuses on reducing the Inn’s energy, waste and water consumption and improving efficiency in energy and waste management. Being the first and only carbon neutral hotel in British Columbia is their performance benchmark, and their untouched surroundings are the reward.

  • B.C.’s first and only Carbon Neutral Hotel
  • Green Key Eco Rating
  • Green Tourism Canada – Silver level
  • Ocean Wise – AURA waterfront restaurant + patio is a long standing member. They only serve ethically harvested and local seafood.
  • ViSTA – Founding member of Victoria Sustainable Tourism Alliance.
Oughtred Coffee Roasters

All of the coffee and compostable cups served on our tours are supplied by Oughtred Coffee, because we believe in using local and sustainable suppliers whenever possible. At Oughtred, they believe that sustainability is about more than recycling and energy efficiency. For their company, it has been a journey to a new approach to business. With the perspective of people, planet and profit priorities, they have shifted ‘business as usual’ at their business, and through their supply chain. These values are now driven into the core of how they do business. While they have made great strides in the past 6 years, there is always more to be done and they continue to reduce their environmental impact while promoting community well-being every year.

Operating as a sustainable company has helped Oughtred reduce costs, create a happier and more engaged work environment, improve marketability, and build a stronger community within their supply chain.

Victoria Butterfly Gardens

Victoria Buttefly Gardens are taking many steps to decrease their carbon footprint on our planet, and they look forward to constantly improve their green practises as best they can. In the interest if the health of our residents they do not use synthetic cleaning products; instead they have found alternative ways to clean without them.

This year The VGB has covered the entire 12,000 sq.ft greenhouse with a 6 ml poly membrane over the outside of the glass which dramatically reduces heat loss by creating a ‘dead airspace’. In their gift shop and office, their recycling program covers all types of packaging materials. Many of these package materials have to be recycled at their own expense, which they are happy to do in order to keep their footprint green. They are also targeting local products for their gift shop, which reduced the energy involved in international shipping and helps support our local economy. We are very proud to work with Butterfly Gardens for the Raincoast Adventure Package.

Truffles Catering

Truffles works to create the green standard for “low impact” events by successfully diverting 98% of waste through a comprehensive composting and recycling system used in-house and on-site at events. Truffles sources from suppliers that share their vision for sustainability. They look for partners who are committed to sustainable innovation and integrity and who also produce natural and ethically sourced foods. Their sandwich meats are free of preservatives and additives, and all of the seafood products are certified Ocean Wise. Truffles aims to integrate local, organic and seasonal ingredients whenever possible and build relationships with valued local producers. Supporting local farm production keeps them connected to the seasons and delivers the unique and diversity of local crops. Truffles also donates in excess of $75,000 annually to local organizations. We are proud to work with Truffles Catering for Charters and Events on board our vessels.


We’re always interested in new opportunities to collaborate with other local leaders in environmental stewardship.