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We believe that the small contributions of many can make a big impact.

That’s why we’re proud to put our financial resources and team support behind the many charitable, economic, and research & conservation organizations that work hard to protect and preserve our natural environment, and improve life for animals and society alike.

John Douglas
General Manager & Owner

John began his career in the marine industry over 30 years ago. Now General Manager and vessel Captain, he holds a Master 500GT Near Coastal certification, Small Vessel Machinery Operator (SMVO), and has completed programs in Marine Emergency Duties STCW95 and Marine First Aid.

Rachel Thompson
General Manager of Operations

Rachel was born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario, the youngest of three siblings. Her love for soccer and competitive swimming led her to obtain a diploma in Health and Fitness Promotion a Bachelor of Science, Disciplined in Kinesiology from Western University and Brock University in Australia. Rachel moved to Vancouver Island for the summer but was captivated by the coastal beauty. With Orca Spirit since 2015, she keeps our office and operation running smoothly.

Laura Crowe-Hutchon

Laura grew up in Vancouver, spending her summers exploring the waters of west coast on her family’s sailboat, and loving the closeness of wildlife. After obtaining a BSc Combined Biology and Psychology at the University of Victoria, she joined the Orca Spirit business development team, focusing on local tourism, corporate travel, and public relations.

Hailey Olsen
Sales Coordinator

Originally from Burlington, Ontario, Hailey’s love for west coast scenery came from spending a lot of time with her family at beaches in Southern California. This made her mind up – move to Victoria in 2018. Having graduated from George Brown College with a degree in Hotel Management, Hailey joined Orca Spirit this summer as a Sales Coordinator, specializing in private charters and group bookings. Her favorite whale is K44 “Ripple” and in her spare time, Hailey can be found soaking up some beautiful BC sun either hiking or spending time at the beach with her friends.

Rebeca Speakman
Sales Coordinator

Rebeca grew up in sunny Brisbane, Australia; however, a holiday in Canada convinced her to make Victoria her new home. Rebeca joined the team as a Sales Coordinator, specializing in social media, sustainability initiatives, and events. Rebeca brings to Orca Spirit over eight years of customer service experience and a passion for marine conservation. One of her favorite whales is “MMX0012”, commonly known as “Tulip” the Humpback whale.

Brendan McEneaney
Office Supervisor

Brendan has been with Orca Spirit Adventures for over four years. Brendan grew up in Victoria, and despite many trips abroad, he can’t see himself ending up anywhere other than the west coast! He graduated from the University of Victoria with a degree in Political Science and is soon to be pursuing a diploma in Mental Health studies. Brendan oversees the training of new staff, daily office operations, and reservations. He enjoys introducing our guests to his home town and pointing out hidden gems around the city.

Hanna Kretzschmann
Sales Agent

Hanna moved to Victoria from Midland Ontario to be closer to the ocean and couldn’t be happier with that decision. Hanna recently graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelors Degree of Political Science. Growing up, most of her summers as a child were spent camping and surfing which kickstarted her love for the environment. She spends as much time on the water every opportunity she can!

Leah Tolsma
Sales Agent

Born and raised in Victoria BC, Leah is currently studying nursing at Camosun College. Her love for the ocean comes from her grandparents; always spending her childhood with them on the water. She joined us this 2019 season as a sales agent and in her spare time enjoys hiking – and whale watching!

Lindsey Le Milliere
Sales Agent

Lindsey has always loved the ocean – growing up on the North Devon coast of England, Lindsey moved to Victoria for the 2019 summer. Having graduated from the University of Plymouth with a Degree in Tourism Management, Lindsey has joined us as a Sales Agent with years of hospitality and tourism experience under her belt. Through her studies, she became interested in environmentally friendly tourism, which leads her to Orca Spirit Adventures. An avid world traveler, Lindsey brings to the company her wealth of travel knowledge and enjoys learning about the marine wildlife we have here in BC.

Breanna Locke
Office Supervisor

Breanna has been with Orca Spirit Adventures for over six years. She flawlessly manages all aspects of customer service, from the initial point of contact, to greeting customers and responding to enquiries. Breanna also handles organizational logistics, including maintenance of the gift shop, and coordination of boat crew and fleet.

Kristyn Foster
Cruise Supervisor

Hailing from Peterborough, Ontario, Kristyn moved to Victoria to pursue ocean and wildlife exploration. With a background in Physical Geography and Climatology, her love for animals and the outdoors brought her to Orca Spirit for the 2019 summer. As our Cruise Ship supervisor, Kristyn handles all cruise ship operations, inventory, reservations and sales, as well as working closely with the cruise ship management teams down at Ogden Point. Her favorite whale is the Gray whale, for their playful and unique feeding techniques in warmer coastal waters.

Sabrina Harvey
Sales Agent/Naturalist

Sabrina grew up in Nova Scotia and graduated from Nova Scotia Community College with a degree in Tourism Management. Her love for marine wildlife started when she saw a Fin Whale off the coast of Cape Breton at age 18. Sabrina currently holds her MEDA2, Wilderness First Responder, Marine Naturalist and Marine Basic First Aid certificates. She enjoys learning about our local BC wildlife and sharing her knowledge with guests on board.

Avelynn Anderson
Office Supervisor

Avelynn attended the Westcoast Adventure College and over the years she has gained a portfolio of certifications, including; AWFA, ROC, MEDA1+2, CANsail and Kayaking. Her love for animals is what brought her to Orca Spirit over three years ago and is proud to be working for a company that has a strong emphasis on conservation. She is currently studying Linguistics with a focus in Japanese at the University of Victoria and enjoys meeting people from around the world.

Theresa Mercier

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Theresa grew up in the mountains but fell in love with our stunning coastline when she moved to Vancouver Island to study Political Science and Geography at the University of Victoria. With the company for over 2 years, she has a soft spot in her heart for Humpback whales. She will soon be following her passion to work in ocean conservation and making the big move to Iceland to start a Masters Degree in Environment and Natural Resource Management.

Lawson McKiel
Vessel Captain

Lawson has been in the marine industry for over 30 years and joined the Orca Spirit crew in 2018, working as a vessel captain on the Orca Spirit II. He currently holds a Master 500GT certification.

Brett Kelley
Chief Mate

Once a mariner, always a mariner! Brett is a graduate of the Camosun College Marine Program and works at Orca Spirit Adventures has a First Mate on the Orca Spirit II and Pacific Explorer. Brett’s favourite whale is L115-Mystic and is fascinated by the evolution of the hunting skills that whales learned.

Jordan Douglas
Vessel Captain & Operations Coordinator

A Vancouver Island local, Jordan grew up in Nanaimo. Jordan joined Orca Spirit over five years ago and holds his master 60GT certificate and will soon be completing his Master 150GT in fall 2019 at the Western Maritime Institute. As well as vessel captain, Jordan is our operations coordinator, overseeing the maintenance of our vessels and assisting the management team.

Jeremy Randall
Vessel Captain

Sailing through the Panama Canal in 2012 is what started Jeremy’s passion for the ocean. Jeremy grew up in Saskatoon and moved to Vancouver Island in 2011. He joined Orca Spirit in 2018 as a vessel captain and currently holds SVOP and master 60GT certifications.

Rachael Merrett
Senior Naturalist

Surprisingly, Rachael is a prairie kid from Saskatchewan who fell in love with the ocean and whales at the age of six. She is now a full-fledged west coaster who not only works on the water, she lives on it too in her boat!
She aspired to be a marine biologist, attending the University of Saskatchewan where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and then completing the Marine Science Program at Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre here on Vancouver Island. She also earned a Diploma in Wildlife and Fisheries Conservation from Lakeland College in Vermilion, Alberta.
Rachael has been part of the Orca Spirit Team since 2010 and is our Lead Marine Naturalist and Deckhand. Rachael is responsible for training our new boat crew and creating our education program for our whale watching tours.

Matilda Stockwell

Matilda grew up in Perth, Western Australia and moved to Canada with her family when she was a child. Matilda took her passion for marine wildlife to the University of Victoria and graduated with a BSc in Biology. 2019 is her first season here with us at Orca Spirit and is grateful to have her dream job, as she decided at the age of 10 that being an Onboard Naturalist is what she wanted to do! One of Matilda’s favourite moments comes from a trip where she saw a pod of killer whales breaching in the sunset in front of Mount Baker.

Leah Vanderweil

Born and raised in Prince George, Leah always found a way to stay on the water – whether it was fishing or kayaking, which sparked her love for adventure and the ocean. Being extremely passionate about marine wildlife, Leah has joined us this year as a Certified Marine Naturalist. Leah holds her MEDA2, VHF, AWFA and SVOP certifications and one day would love to captain her own vessel. She is known on board as a Bigg’s Killer Whale ID aficionado!

Adrian Boskovic

Growing up in Toronto, Adrian spent most of his childhood joining his family on spearfishing trips that started his passion for the ocean. Before moving to Victoria, Adrian majored in Marine and Freshwater Biology at the University of Guelph, Ontario. He joined the Orca Spirit team in 2019 as an Onboard Naturalist and in his spare time enjoys freediving.

Taylor Chapdelaine

Originally from Fort McMurray, Alberta, Taylor was always fascinated with animals from a young age – Especially Orca. Taylor originally joined the company over 2 years ago in the office and after completing her studies, is now one of our Head Naturalists. Taylor has an ever-growing portfolio of certificates including MEDA2, Marine Safety, ROC and SVOP. She also has an extensive photography and media background and her goal is to share her passion with the world through photography and the experiences we create here at Orca Spirit Adventures.

Mick Miller
Senior Zodiac Captain

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Mick has brought to Orca Spirit Adventures a significant wealth of over 25 years of marine industry experience. Being fascinated with the behavior of Killer whales all his life, Mick graduated from Royal Roads University in 2003 with a Degree in Environmental Science. As our Lead Zodiac Captain for over four years, he was awarded the City of Victoria Hospitality Award in 2016 and has had many incredible, memorable experiences with our local wildlife and guests.

Matthew Burnaby
Zodiac Captain

Working with people in nature has been a lifelong aspiration for Matt. He began studying the west coast’s diverse ecosystems when he was 8 years old, and joined the Gulf Islands Center of Ecological Learning as a naturalist when he was only 15. Originally from Salt Spring island, Matt is one of our experienced zodiac drivers.

Sarah Keenan
Zodiac Captain

Born and raised in British Columbia, Sarah has spent her life exploring the Pacific Northwest Coast. At a young age, she realized her passion for natural history and joined the Orca Spirit team in 2014 as a zodiac captain and marine naturalist. Sarah spends her summer between the biologically diverse Salish Sea and the remote coast off Port Renfrew. She spends her winters off the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia, kayaking and camping amongst penguins and icebergs as an expedition guide. As a citizen scientist, she aspires to create a lasting education for her guests that will inspire and encourage us to protect our natural world.

Alex Forman
Zodiac Captain

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Alex moved to beautiful Victoria, BC five years ago. He joined our pod in 2012, working as a naturalist aboard our covered vessels. Alex holds MED A1/A2, SVOP and ROC-MC certifications, and recently completed his biology degree with a concentration in marine biology at the University of Victoria.

Edward Gawne
Zodiac Captain

Edward grew up on Piers Island and has been with Orca Spirit for over three years as a Zodiac Captain. Edward graduated from the University of Victoria majoring in Trace Metal Bio Geochemistry and currently holds his SVOP, ROC-MC, MEDA3, Marine Naturalist and Cold-Water Immersion Instructor certificates.

Evan Sztricsko
Zodiac Captain

With a background in music, Evan initially moved to the west coast from Dundas, Ontario to work in the audio engineering industry but soon fell in love with the Pacific Ocean and all its creatures. Always being interested in marine wildlife, Evan made the switch to the whale watching industry and started working as a zodiac captain for orca spirit in 2018. As well as being a certified zodiac captain, Evan also holds his PADI scuba diving instructor certificate, and one of his favorite animals is the Pacific white-sided dolphin.

Derek Lowe
Zodiac Captain

Derek was born in San Diego, USA, and, with a father enlisted in the U.S. Navy, grew up in Spain, Azores and Guam, thereby destined to love the ocean. After graduating high school in Guam, Derek set out to complete his Bachelor of Earth and Planetary Sciences from the University of New Mexico. Upon graduating, Derek set out to travel around the globe and now resides in Shawnigan Lake, B.C. with his wife and dog, Greta. He is passionate about learning more and teaching visitors and guests about the impact of ocean acidification on our marine environment.

Kade Larson

Kade was born and raised on Vancouver Island as the middle child in a big family of six. His father was the engineer on a fishing boat out of Ucluelet and northern west-coast of BC, so he spent a lot of time on the water, fueling his passion for wilderness and the ocean. In his spare time, Kade can be found outside playing frisbee and baseball with friends.

Patrick Connor
Shuttle Driver

Victoria born and raised, Patrick has experience in driving tandem vehicles and joined us over the summer as a shuttle driver, to help out with our free downtown hotel shuttle service. A lover of sports, Patrick enjoys playing baseball on the weekends.

Walter Cadwallader & Mabel Wilson

Walter joined Orca Spirit Adventures in 2003 after many years in the commercial fishing industry. Mabel’s background includes multi-generation ownership of larger vessels. They tap into their extensive marine experience to bring exciting ideas and streamlined processes to the business.

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