Green Business Certifications

At Orca Spirit Adventures, we believe in building a better future for our oceans.
We have so much appreciation for our beautiful surrounding sea and all of its inhabitants and we want to be able to enjoy the splendor that our west coast has to offer for generations to come. We are doing what we can by not only becoming a Climate Friendly Company and providing Carbon Neutral whale watching and harbour tours throughout the Salish Sea, but we have now become a Gold Member of the Vancouver Island Green Business Association and received Silver Certification from Green Tourism Canada.

The Vancouver Island Green Business Association
The VIGBC has been in operation for several years and works with local businesses to reduce their footprint and help become a more energy efficient company. As a company we understand that we have the power to be an influence, whether it be our customers, staff or others in the industry. We had the VIGBC assessment team analyze our operation and are pleased with the outcome of Gold Standing. We are thrilled to be part of the team and look forward to learn more ways that we can become greener!

Green Tourism Canada
Orca Spirit Adventures has received Silver Certification from Green Tourism Canada which is the world’s largest and most credible sustainable tourism certification program. To receive a Silver standing, we had to meet a specific standard after an official assessment of criteria in 11 different categories ranging from resource consumption, sustainable purchasing and transportation to management, nature and cultural involvement. Green Tourism is a leading sustainability certification program that provides mentorship and guidance to tourism businesses around the world. All of Orca Spirit’s tours include a marine biology component to educate their guests about the surrounding environment and wildlife.

How do we do it?

As a business, we retain and share the values in going green with both our staff and customers. We do this through a variety of different practices within the company including: being energy and water efficient, extensive recycling/composting and monitoring our resources to help deliver significant changes in the future.

  • Carbon Neutral Program
  • Volunteering
  • Community Involvement/Support
  • Pacific Salmon Foundation Donation
  • Green Tourism Business Award
  • Vancouver Island Green Business Award
  • Education
  • Working with “Green-Minded” Companies
  • “Get Here Green” Initiative

An important part is working with ethical and local sources to help create a community and global-wide difference

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