Supporting Research
& Conservation

We invite you to join Orca Spirit Adventures in supporting the research and conservation of transient and resident whale communities along the Pacific Coast.

The Southern Resident Orca Whale Community, protected under the Endangered Species Act in Canada and the United States, is home to “Granny,” the world’s oldest killer whale with an estimated age of 103. Both government and non-government groups work continually to study and protect the Community, but broader public support is needed to ensure that these magnificent creatures survive, and thrive.

In 2011, Orca Spirit adopted five orcas from the Southern Resident community through the Whale Museum—one for each of our Marine Naturalists. Last summer, we adopted more whales on behalf of all our captains. Opportunities for you to get involved include:

  • Adopt An Orca
    In partnership with the Center for Whale Research on San Juan Island, Washington, the Whale Museum in Friday Harbour operates an Adopt an Orca Program. You can adopt any member of the Southern Resident population for as little as US$35 per year.
  • Adopt A Killer Whale
    The Vancouver Aquarium, in partnership with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, manages the Killer Whale Adoption Program. Funds go directly towards biological studies such as genetic analysis, toxic contamination loads and dietary analysis, and support conservation efforts to protect the whale’s natural environment and monitor boat traffic to prevent harassment.

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