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April 28, 2018 – Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, Seals & Sea Lions

3 weeks ago

Some days the wild WEST coast becomes the wild WET coast and today was one of those days! Fortunately we get to view marine wildlife, so water is part of everyday for them! With guests cozy in the dry cabin of the Orca Mist, we ventured southwest on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We wanted to search for wildlife near Constance Bank which is an underwater mountain referred to as a seamount. Other vessels in the whale watching fleet took to different directions along the shoreline and to the far side of the Strait. We all work together to search for whales so that we have the best success of finding whales. The seas were choppy but the rain let up, so that was great news!

We continued to search out west, taking a dip into Becher Bay. After no luck there we steamed towards Race Rocks Lighthouse where we found some big, furry sea lions making the best of a cloudy day. These tubby guys have lots of fat and fur on their bodies, but their flippers are naked, so they take advantage of the warmer temperatures out of the water. We also came across 3 Bald Eagles, one adult and two scruffy juveniles. Harbour seals showed off their camouflage skills as they blended into the rocky shorelines.

Race Rocks Lighthouse has been guiding boats transiting the Strait since 1860. It is famous for it’s unique black and white striping and granite block construction. It is always a beautiful sight, especially when the Olympic Mountains are visible behind it. We ended our trip with no sightings of whales, but with lots of other marine life to admire. Wildlife is just that- wild. Most days we can find whales but on the odd day they are off doing what whales do away from the Strait. Thankfully we live in an area where all kinds of wildlife can be spotted and picturesque scenery surrounds us!


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