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April 14, 2018 – Gray Whale Sighting!

1 month ago

Saturday was a beautiful sprig morning in Victoria, with blue skies poking through the clouds. We departed the dock with a small group of eager whale watchers including the tiniest, cutest three moth old baby we have ever had on board!

Captain Liz decided to head southwest into the Strait of Juan de Fuca in search of all the different wildlife that frequent our waters. After some searching the surface for blows, a young man on board spotted a bushy spout! We found a GRAY WHALE! This is very exciting as we rarely ever see a gray whale out in the middle of the Juan de Fuca Strait! In fact, it was the first gray whale our Naturalist Rachael has seen since 2010! They are often found in Puget Sound or among the Gulf Islands, so this sighting is a real treat! We even may have seen a humpback whale near the gray whale as a large tail fluke was spotted as we came on scene, a rare sight for a gray whale!

After several surfacings, we continued our journey west where we found a lone Bald Eagle perched on one of the islands near Beachy Head. Mating season starts soon for the eagles where they spend just 35 days incubating their eggs. We hope to see some juveniles hatch out in the near future!

Our last stop of the tour was at Race Rocks Lighthouse where many different species love to haul out and enjoy the sun. Two species of sea lions spend time here- the California and the Steller sea lions. They love to bark, growl and roar the day away. We also spotted some female Elephant seals and Harbour Seals who blended in quite well with the rocks! It was a gorgeous day to be on the water and we sure enjoyed getting to know all our guests on the tour!


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