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December 7, 2017 – Southern Resident Orcas

4 weeks ago

Heading out for today’s tour, we knew it was going to be one to remember! North easterly winds with Vancouver Island protecting us and from Ogden Point we headed out west. The recent high pressure system that has moved into our region meant that we had nothing but blue sky and sun!

After about 45 minutes into the tour, we encountered members of Southern Resident Killer Whale pods, J and K! We spent about 40 minutes admiring them and observing two females and a young calf hunting together, chasing after fish. Before we could begin our trip home we spotted a large male! Seeing his large six foot dorsal fin was an exciting experience for the guest on board, and gave a comparison to the females that we had previous been viewing.

Our on journey back to Victoria we stopped in at Race Rocks Marine Ecological Reserve and came across some particularly loud group of California sea lions and seals! As we returned to the harbour the sun was setting on our backs and we couldn’t image a better day in December!


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