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October 24, 2017 – Humpback Whales, Seals and Sea Lions

2 months ago

Today we headed out on the Orca Mist on flat, calm seas which were perfect for spotting spouts… and we saw so many of them! The first Humpback whale we found was coming up a bit unpredictably but as we pressed on it was hard for us to miss them. We had at least 9 Humpbacks around our boat on the trip and many more spouting and fluking in the distance. Today was an especially loud day on the water as well. We could hear the Gulls and Common Murres squawking away and giving us a bit of a target to where we could expect the humpbacks to come up. The birds and the whales were snacking on the same schooling fish down below so they seemed to be working together to feed. As the humpbacks came up, we could hear their powerful blows. And even though we were sitting quite a long ways off of Race Rocks Lighthouse, we could hear the Sea Lions chatting away. We headed there next to check those guys out and we saw California and Steller Sea Lions, Harbour Seals, and many more birds including Cormorants and a Bald Eagle! After the stormy days we had, there was a lot of loose Bull Kelp floating around that the birds and Sea Lions were using as hang out spots. Too bad the ocean was a bit too cold today for us to join them!


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