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October 20, 2017 – Humpback Whales, Transient Orcas, Seals & Sea Lions

3 months ago

Today’s trip was the perfect mix of baleen whales and toothed whales. The first half of the trip we went out around Race Rocks Ecological Reserve to spend time with the humpback whales who are feeding as much as they can before their great winter migration. Some of these whales won’t eat again for 6 months! There were at least 6 whales swimming around us, and you couldn’t help but take photos with an incredible rainbow popping up over the lighthouse at Race Rocks! Whale watching plans can change in an instant, and as soon as we got word that Transient Killer Whales had been spotted, off we went! A trip all the way across the Juan de Fuca Strait into Haro Strait was an exciting shift of scenery for everyone on board. Soon we were the only boat on scene with the T49A family group of Transient (mammal hunting) Killer Whales as they porpoised out of the water in quick travel formation heading north up the strait. The whole family group was swimming side by side and would surface together giving us some great looks at calves, females and large males all together!


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