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October 14, 2017 – Humpback Whales, Seals, Sea Lions & Sea Otter

3 months ago

The humpback whales have been phenomenal lately, as all these animals are prepping for their migrations to warmer waters. With an abundance of bait fish around, the humpbacks are fueling up their fat stores to live off of while they are gone. This morning we got to see exactly that! We spent time with 2 humpbacks, one jumping out of the water in a completely unexpected breach! It’s incredible to see these animals explode up off the surface and the splash they make when they come back down. We talked a lot about identifying the whales as how the tail fluke can help us to do that. This particular individual had almost a completely black tail fluke! In Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, the sea lions were loudly barking and growling at one another, and our resident sea otter was floating in the kelp giving us a glance as we drifted by.


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