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October 12, 2017 – Lunge Feeding Humpback Whale

3 months ago

What an incredible morning with a lunge feeding humpback whale! We love to check out bait balls when they form in the Salish Sea because you never know what species are getting in on the feeding frenzy. From predatory fish to diving birds, seals and sea lions and sometimes, if you’re lucky, a big baleen whale all come together to share the bounty. Several humpbacks were feeding off Race Rocks Ecological Reserve today and just as we pulled up to a big bait ball, a humpback whale came up in the center! The gulls sitting at the surface scattered and in an explosion of bait fish and feathers, the whale came up a few more times finishing off the fish. What was left behind was a variety of different gull species, all succumbing to injuries from the behemoth humpback taking them into its mouth by accident. An act of mother nature and a truly amazing thing to witness.


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