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September 21, 2017 – Lunge Feeding Humpback Whales, Seals & Sea Lions

4 months ago

Lunge feeding humpback whales have to be one of the coolest things we see out on the water around Victoria. Watching these giants bring their massive mouths up out of the water full of fish and catching glimpses of their baleen plates is exciting for both passengers and crew. On both our tours today we spent time with a small humpback whale doing very short dives and surfacing with big mouthfuls of bait fish! This humpback just went back and forth from Bentick Island to Rosedale on the east side of Race Rocks Ecological Reserve and we could even see the sea lions getting in on the feeding frenzy! The sea lions flip and twist out of the water chasing fish around trying to grab one. We can tell the waters around the Salish Sea are full of life when we see big feeding frenzies like this!


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