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September 18, 2017 – Humpback Whales & Race Rocks Ecological Reserve

4 months ago

Today was humpbacks galore! These amazingly huge mammals never cease to amaze us with their grace and agility. We had 2 of these baleen whales around for both our morning and afternoon tours, keeping us entertained with short dives and gigantic blows. It’s always fun to spot the blows with passengers as everyone yells and points. These whales are on their last push to feed as much as possible before their migrations begin. Soon these whales will be making their way to the warm waters of Mexico or Hawaii to breed and have their calves, barely feeding for the entire winter. Some of these animals will have lost 1/3 of their body weight by the time we see them again in the spring. Race Rocks Ecological Reserve was exciting today, as 2 Northern Elephant Seals showed up on the top of Helicopter Rock! It’s great to be able to show guests on board 2 species of seals and 2 species of sea lions all in one place.


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