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September 16, 2017 – Humpback Whales, Transient Killer Whales & Race Rocks Ecological Reserve

4 months ago

Today was one of these phenomenal days with multiple whale species around the Salish Sea. This morning our trip took us west towards Church Rock where we immediately found 2 humpback whales foraging close to shore in the tide line. Within only a few minutes we got word of a group of Transient Orca within 5 minutes of us inside the Beecher Bay Marina. Sure enough, as soon as we got there the T109 matriline popped up with all 4 whales including a calf! We spent a long time following these killer whales as they scanned the shoreline in every crack of rock along the islands. We headed over to Race Rocks Marine Ecological Reserve next to check out the seals and sea lions hauled out on the rocks and found one last humpback. This one put on show for us with some impressive cartwheels before heading back to the harbour.

This afternoon we headed out looking for the orcas from the morning tour. Catching up with them at Race Rocks, these whales checked out the corner of the park for unsuspecting Harbour Seals before cutting over to the Vancouver Island shoreline. These whales once again hugged the rock walls so closely we nicknamed them rock hunters! They even thrilled us with some spyhops in the kelp. One last stop inside Race Rocks on our way home to check out the seals and abundance of huge male sea lions before heading back home.


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