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September 15, 2017 – Transient Killer Whales, Seals & Sea Lions

4 months ago

Today was what we call a T-PARTY! T of course representing Transient Killer Whale, and party referring to many group all coming together. We first caught up with the T10 and T46Bs travelling out in the strait close to one another, and then before we knew it the two groups came together within the boundaries of Race Rocks Marine Ecological Reserve and began hunting Harbour Seals as one big team! When the whales decide to enter the park, all boats need to stay outside the perimeter, but that didn’t keep us from having great looks at the whales coordination and skill. Race Rocks itself treated us to some female Northern Elephant Seals and many California and Steller Sea Lions.

This afternoon we had an absolute blast following the T46Bs around the backside of William Head correctional institution. The whales appeared to drive a Harbour Seal under the dock and tried to get it out for a considerable amount of time. After what seemed to be a failed attempt, the whales left the bay for a large kelp bed just outside. The orcas finally found a seal and fed but quickly decided to make their way towards the boats. Abiding by the Marine Mammal Observation Regulations, the boats shut down and the fast and erratic whales made their path through. One female orca came close to the surface and looked right at us! Everyone squealed in disbelief and compared the phenomenal video and photo footage with one another on our way home.


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