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September 14, 2017 – Transient Killer Whales & Race Rocks Ecological Reserve

4 months ago

Another fantastic day with Transient Killer Whales. Out to Constance Bank we went in search of black fins, and sure enough we found them! The newest addition to this Transient group, a little 2 year old calf, was breaching like crazy and cartwheeling behind the boat. This little calf was full of energy, giving us a great show as it threw itself out of the water again and again.

This afternoon we found these whales again, this time they were in full hunting mode. These whales hung around close to the same area for almost an hour circling around their latest meal and passing it off from whale to whale. After the feeding frenzy finished, we were treated to some incredible spyhops as the whales continued on their way and we headed for Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. You can’t help but hear the barking and growling of the sea lions from miles around and the whole boat enjoyed watching the male sea lions push each other off the rocks.


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