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September 14, 2017 – Port Renfrew Tour, A Whale Extravaganza

4 months ago

The last tour of the season brought us more whales than we could count! Cruising up to Carmanah lighthouse. Taking in the epic beauty of the ocean carved shorelines we soon spotted a few blows in the distance. A group of killer whales appeared. Quickly ID as members of J-pod of the southern resident. After watching BlackBerry and the always playful matraline known as the J-16s we began to wonder where the rest of the family of almost 25 whales had gotten to. We decided we needed to move on as there was more incredible moments to be had we broke away from the group and soon came across the rest of the family traveling close together offshore. It’s such an incredible and humbling sight to see so many animals so in sync with each other’s moments as the navigate the ocean.

In the distance with it being such a flat calm and sunny day we could already spot the blows of our favourite gentle giants. Over 50 humpback whales spread out over a few miles feeding and socializing. All we had to do was stop the boat and decide which side to look off of. They were everywhere! With the ending blooms of phytoplankton the ocean has become clear and even at a distance you could see the distinct white pectorals as the whales swam underwater.

Barley 20 minutes into our drive back to Port Renfrew we came upon another pod of resident killer whale. This time it was L-pod! Although we can never know for sure if every member was there in certainly looked like over 30 orca traveling together.

We are already counting down the days until next season when we can continue to explore this wild west coast blessed with an abundance of life.

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