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August 18, 2017 – Transient Orcas, Seals & Sea Lions

9 months ago

You never know what you’ll find out on the big blue, and this morning had us westbound looking for west coast wildlife. It wasn’t too long before we came across the blow of a gigantic humpback whale and after visiting with it for a while we continued, only to find a second humpback not far away! These animals are feeding like crazy this time in the season, getting ready for their massive fall migration. Over at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, the Steller and California sea lions and Harbour seals spotted the rocks almost everywhere we looked. We even had the opportunity to see our favorite race rocks local – Ollie the Sea Otter!

This afternoon was a different surprise with a few Transient Orca matrilines swimming into the area. We spent time with the T30s and T46Bs as they scanned the waters around Vancouver Island for seals and unsuspecting porpoises. These fierce matriarchs teach the next generation how to hunt, and with a young one in the group there was no doubt of teaching going on! It’s always exciting to see a few different species of whales all in one day!


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