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August 15, 2017 – Transient Killer Whales, Seals & Sea Lions

9 months ago

The last few weeks in the Salish Sea have been a T-party! Transient orca matrilines seem to be popping up everywhere, and today was no different! The Bedford Islands are a great place for these orcas to hunt for Harbour seals and this morning we spent time with the T55 and T10 families doing exactly that. After a few successful seals for breakfast, we headed over to Race Rocks Marine Ecological Reserve to check out some of these Harbour seals up close. Race Rocks is beginning to be covered in sea lions back from breeding, and you can smell them a mile away. Both Steller and California sea lion males are back again for another winter!

This afternoon took us in the opposite direction. The ferry terminal of Swartz Bay is located on the end of the Saanich Peninsula in the shadow of Salt Spring Island. Here we spent our evening with the T65A matriline, watching this mother, her sprouter son, 10-year-old and 2 youngsters slowly swimming in the crystal water. A beautiful day with some great transient encounters!


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