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August 13, 2017 – Bigg’s Killer Whales, Seals & Sea Lions

9 months ago

Our summer of amazing Bigg’s killer whale sightings continued as three groups of mammal-hunting orcas were encountered on one trip! Our orca encounters began east of Race Rocks where we encountered the T18 group making their way west in adventurous seas. This group is commonly encountered in the waters off of Victoria. It features one of the largest orcas in the Salish Sea. His massive dorsal fin makes him one of the easiest orcas to identify. We traveled with these whales as they rapidly swam westward. A short distance away another group of orcas, the T55 group was encountered near the Bedford Islets hunting seals close to shore. After this encounter, we traveled to Victoria and noticed Ollie, our resident sea otter actually hauling himself up on land! This is truly a rare event, With each tour, the number of sea lions at Race Rocks is increasing. Both California and Steller sea lions were abundant today. Satisfied with what was already an excellent trip, we had yet another amazing encounter with the T10 and T60 groups right near the VH buoy off the Victoria harbour. It was truly a great morning on the Salish Sea.

With this morning’s excellent sightings, this afternoon was shaping up to be an excellent trip. We encountered the T10 and T60 matrilines of Bigg’s killer whales hunting in the waters near Bentinck Island. We traveled with them as they made their way west toward Beecher Bay. It was amazing to see their excellent skills as they hunted along the sea haulouts west of Bentinck island. With the rugged coastline of the southern most point of Vancouver Island as a backdrop, we had a truly remarkable experience that was capped with another great Race Rocks visit. August typically has a massive influx of Bigg’s killer whales. Today was a prime example of why August whale watching is so fantastic.


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