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August 11, 2017 – Transient Killer Whales, Seals, Sea Lions & Bear Bear

9 months ago

Our Transient Killer Whales have really been making a splash this summer! These whales know the perfect places to go hunting for Harbour Seals and today we watched the T10 and T60 matrilines team up for some ultra-efficient hunting. This morning we came across the orcas not far from Victoria. The whales did a circuit through the Chain Islands Harbour Seal rookery, along Discovery and Chatham Islands through the seal coves, over to Oak Bay Marina where seals go to be fed by people on the dock and finally over to Trial Island for some hunting along the coastline. Throughout each of these stops, we saw several nervous Harbour Seals on the rocks cautiously looking around making sure the orcas were a safe distance away.

By the time we went out for our afternoon trip, the orcas had made their way west into the Bedford Islands off Sooke. These whales scanned the shoreline nice and close scanning for seals in the water. This time of year Harbour Seal pups are away from their mothers and swimming in the waters close to haulout areas. As we watched these whales in Beecher Bay, a dark figure appeared on the hillside – A BLACK BEAR! What a neat view with orcas and a bear all in the same area! The remainder of our tour proved to be full of west coast wildlife as we saw a soaring Bald Eagle and several Steller and California Sea Lions hauled out at Race Rocks together.


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