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July 18, 2017 – L-Pod Southern Resident Orcas

6 months ago

It was a beautiful afternoon on the south island, with deep blue waters and sunshine warming us in the wind! We were hoping that the orcas of L-pod who came into the area yesterday would still be foraging on salmon in the area today. Our hopes turned into reality as we started to see glistening black dorsal fins off the west side of San Juan Island, Washington.

As we looked down the shorelines, it was obvious that the pod of 35 was spread out, trying to find enough salmon for everyone. We were watching two females, one with a calf and a male. They were turning in circles and zig-zagging in all directions. Captain Liz dropped down our hydrophone so that we could hear the whales. A few calls were heard, but what we really got to listen to were echolocation train clicks! It almost sounds like electric snapping. The whales use echolocation to detect prey, navigate, and communicate with each other.

It was a bumpy ride home as the winds picked up, but all the bumps were worth a wonderful afternoon with L-pod. We hope our guests enjoy our pictures of their tail slaps and unique dorsal fins.


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