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June 14, 2017 – Transient Killer Whales, Seals, Sea Lion & Sea Otter

11 months ago

Glassy sea’s were a welcome sight for our whale watching tours today. Although the sun decided to hide for much of the day, the conditions made for excellent sighting capabilities. As we travelled into the Juan de Fuca Strait, guests eagerly pointed out Harbour Porpoise feeding in the productive waters south of Race Rocks. As we continued with our search we encountered Transient Killer whales several miles further. The group was split into two, with two females and a baby catching our attention. Transient Killer Whale sightings have been amazing recently. As the Harbour seals begin to pup, the bounty of food attracts many different pods into the region this time of year. We finished our tour off with a quick stop at the Race Rocks ecological reserve and lighthouse. As our Sea Lions depart for their breading colonies in California and Alaska, Northern Elephant seals have become the main attraction as of late. We got an outstanding look at a big male sitting in a calm patch of water near the lighthouse. Large males can exceed 4000 pounds and generally only return to shore twice a year; once to molt and once to mate. Here we see them rest on the rocky shores to molt as these giant Pinnepeds mate further south along the Californian coastline. Wrapping up the tour, we also had a peak at Oli, our resident Sea Otter, along with a mating pair of bald eagles. All in all, a wonderful afternoon!

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