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June 10, 2017 – Humpback Whales & Transient Orcas

12 months ago

Weekend Whale Watching Warriors!

On this beautiful Saturday morning, we left Victoria and aimed southwest in search of the Salish Sea’s marine mammals and birds. It did not take us too long to spot the blows of a humpback whale! We slowly cruised over to this gentle giant and watching as it took deep breaths before disappearing below the surface for long dives. Sometimes humpbacks teach us a bit about whale waiting while we are whale watching!

We soon got word over the radio that mammal hunting killer whales were near Trial Island, just outside the Victoria Harbour! We changed course and found the large family patrolling the waters for harbour seals that live in the area. They may have even got one by the looks of their circling and lunging behavior. With beautiful views of the Olympic Mountains, the Trial Island Lighthouse and the the picturesque city of Victoria, our afternoon was a complete adventure!


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