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May 6, 2017 – Humpback Whales, Sea Lions and Bald Eagle

1 year ago

Today’s tour was extended so that we could travel farther north than usual and catch up with some Humpback whales that had been spotted in the area. It was a beautiful day and the water was calm when we came across the two Humpbacks. Initially, they appeared to be behaving normally – surfacing 3-5 times at the surface to breathe before showing us their tail flukes as they dove vertically under the water to feed. After a few minutes on scene however, one of the whales appeared to fall asleep! It floated at the surface of the water just behind our boat for 15 minutes or so while it’s partner continued to feed around it. Just as we were about to leave the scene, it woke up and gave an explosive chin slap on the water before diving down to join it’s friend. Our passengers were very excited after this unusual Humpback encounter but the trip wasn’t over yet! On the way home, we stopped by the Kelp Reef marker where we saw two large Steller sea lions and a Bald Eagle.

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