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May 15, 2017 – Transient Orcas, Seals & Sea Lions

1 year ago

This morning was the perfect example of why Victoria is such a hot spot destination for whale watching. As we exited the harbour travelling south towards the towering Olympic mountains, a blow appeared on the horizon. That blow belonged to a humpback whale feeding not far from Victoria! As we spent time with this majestic whale learning about it’s diving patterns and feeding habits, we could see some splashing along the shoreline. Transient orca had come into the area! The T123s are a family group of 3 individual whales, the mother T123 or “Sidney”, her son T123A or “Stanley” and little T123C “Lucky”. This family travelled along the waterfront as we got some great looks at the majority of Stanley’s body when he came out of the water. We try to fit in all the west coast wildlife possible each trip so after spending lots of time with the orcas we made our way to Race Rocks Ecological Reserve where the barking of California Sea Lions and growling of Steller Sea Lions could be heard before we even arrived. We even got to see our sea otter “Ollie” all wrapped up in the kelp bed!

This afternoon sent us out east in search of the transient orca T123 family again. It was a misty afternoon, but that didn’t stop any of us from getting outside and enjoying the company of the whales! There was no shortage of smiles as we watched this young family of marine mammal eating orca travel and hunt together. Wonderful to see 5-year old Lucky learning from her mother and older brother! On our way back to Victoria Harbour we stopped at the Chain Islands which is an important ecological area for marine birds like Cormorants as well as our Harbour Seal population. Sure enough we saw some harbour seals hauled out on the rocks keeping a watchful eye on us as we went by. Excitement, hot drinks and conversation on the boat ride back proving to be the perfect finish to an afternoon on the water.

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