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May 10, 2017 – Transient Orcas, Seals, Sea Lions

1 year ago

We started our morning tour off with thoughts of searching west. The weather wasn’t in our favour so we pushed on east towards San Juan Island. Deep in search with many other vessels in the industry, we got the report of Orca’s spotted from land on Sidney Island. Thanks to the help of Russ in a neighbouring company we caught up to 4 Orcas in Swarts Bay. The T’18 and T’19’s. T-19b otherwise known as Galeano is a big favourite as he sports a huge dorsal fin that sags a little to the left. They gave us some spectacular views before heading onward North.

The afternoon proved much better sea conditions so we tried our luck out West. The Transient Orca’s had moved on up island but with so many other whales in the area, we were sure we would find something new. Alas no whales to be found but we certainly found everything else along the way! Eagles, sea lions, seals including elephant seals, and everyone’s favourite little sea otter, Ollie. Big smiles from everyone on board as we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in the Juan de Fuca Strait.


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