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October 9, 2016 – Humpback Whale, Seals & Sea Lions

2 years ago

This morning was a beautifully sunny day out on the water but you could certainly feel the autumn chill in the air! We journeyed out in search of whales and very quickly found a Humpback whale named Orion (BCX1251). Orion was in a travelling pattern so while he was spending lots of time on the surface we weren’t seeing many views of his tail flukes so we headed over to an area where another Humpback whale had been spotted. This whale was much larger than Orion so was most likely a female as the females are larger than the males in this species. Our second Humpback gave us several fantastic tail flukes as well as a very close up view of her blowhole as she passed near the stern of the vessel. On our way home we stopped in at Race Rocks Ecological reserve to view our large colony of Stellar and California Sea Lions.



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