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October 8, 2016 – Humpback Whale & California Transients

2 years ago

This morning was a very rainy day but this didn’t stop us or the whales from having a fantastic time out on the water! First we found a Humpback whale named Orion (BCX1251) who we followed for some time before receiving reports of Transient Orcas not far away. We rushed off to see the Transients as they were quite far away but we were lucky and they were moving towards us. Our naturalists were unable to identify these whales at the time as they didn’t match up with any of the Transients we normally see in this area so we suspected they might not be from around here – and we were right! It turns out that this were California Transient whales meaning they had travelled here all the way from California. We see animals from California exploring up North only once or twice a season so this was a very special event!

This afternoon we caught up again with the California Transients and spent some time with them before decided to head back towards Race Rocks ecological reserve to look at the Sea Lions. On our way we were surprised by a Humpback whale and were able to spend some time with him before continuing on to the Sea Lions at Race Rocks and then to home.


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