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October 7, 2016 – K-Pod Orcas

2 years ago

This afternoon’s tour began with some excitement on rough seas as we exited the harbour however we soon found ourselves in sheltered waters heading North up Haro Strait. We had reports of a pod of Resident Orca on their way south through the islands. When we met up with them we found we were watching members of K-pod. This salmon-eating pod of Orca is the smallest pod in the Southern Resident Killer Whale population with only 19 members currently. The whales were moving very quickly so there was lots of high speed porpoising to be seen making it quite an exciting sight for our passengers. At one point a whale named Spock (K-20) surprised us by popping up near us – so amazing to see her whole body under the water passing us by! Spock is a very interesting whale as she is a female who looks very much like a male with her tall straight dorsal fin. In fact, she was named Spock, a male name, because all the scientists thought she was a male until she was 18 years old. In 2004 she surprised us all by having a baby, Comet (K38), proving she is female.


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