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Whale Watching Tour – Sunday, 05 October 2014

3 years ago

Memorable Moment from this Tour

This morning was one of the most beautiful mornings you could ask for in October. The sun was shining and not a wisp of wind was blowing, making our journey towards San Juan Island very pleasant. As we neared the shores of the island, we spotted the blow and back of a Humpback! Another look around and we saw a second baleen whale! We had come across a mother and calf humpback, which tends to be a rare sight in this area of the Salish Sea. By this time the Humpbacks are reaching their heaviest weight of the year as they prepare to migrate south for the winter. We were not with the Humpbacks long when Southern Resident Orcas from J and K pods started popping up all around the area! Wow, two whale species in one spot! The Orcas passed right beside the humpbacks. With these Orcas being strictly fish eaters, it was strange to hear the mother humpback trumpeting, a sound somewhat similar to an elephant call. Humpbacks will make this sound in many situations but with Orcas around it appeared she was not happy to see all these black and white strangers around her! The Orcas were in large groups all swimming very close together, likely in a resting state. After a while a few of the whales began to splash around, spyhop and tail slap. Then many of the killer whale started circling and lunging, a good sign they came across some salmon and were attempting to get some late breakfast. We were able to pick out J-28, also known as Polaris with her spunky five year old daughter Star by her side. Scoter passed by too with his big dorsal fin standing tall as he is now a mature male at the age of 23. There were so many orcas around us, it was hard to know where to look! Often they can be very spread out as they search for food, but this morning we were lucky to have them all in a very small area! We could not have asked for a better trip to see both humpbacks and Orcas!


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